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  • Fundraising efforts
  • Event Assistance
  • Support and Advocacy work
  • Professional skills
  • Etc.

Please contact the NAMI SO Library for more information.

NAMI Southern Oregon – Medford Resource Library
140 S Holly St. Room #1300
Medford, OR 97501

Hours: Monday – Friday 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Mental Health Film Fest, Coming Again!
Last May’s Mental Health Film Fest, held at SOU in Ashland and RCC in Grants Pass, was
such a great success we are planning on doing it again, but we need help! Several
of last year’s volunteers have moved away or have family emergencies that need their
attention, so we need the next group to step up and join the Film Fest Committee.

This year, the committee is chaired by the amazing Sherry McCowan; if you’d like to learn
more about what it’s all about, please contact her at sherrylmccowan@yahoo.com.

This important event reached young and old, alike, and helped create conversations around
mental health services and stigma. Please consider being a part of this worthwhile endeavor! Thank you!