Film Fest Poster Artwork Competition

As a fun way to involve the artists in our community, the Film Fest Committee wants to invite you to submit two-dimensional art pieces for consideration for the 2020 Mental Health Film Fest poster! The prize for the winning entry is two tickets to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for the 2020 season.

The winner will get to see their artwork all over Jackson and Josephine counties and will receive special mention in the programs. This is a great way to show how art is relevant to mental health. The composition should be easy-to-identify, should somehow tie together films and mental health, and should be a positive message of hope, help and recovery. A big ask? Maybe. But so very important!

Artists who don’t make it onto the poster will still have the opportunity to display their artwork at the Film Fest event! This year, we will display art depicting anything to do with mental health, emotions, or images inspired by our mental health.

Bring original artwork submissions (signed but unframed, as it will need to be scanned if it wins) to the NAMI Library at 140 S. Holly, Rm 1300 by January 31st, 2020, or contact Meesha Blair at to submit digitally. We will notify everyone of the winner within the week following.

All artwork should have your contact information attached, so we can notify you. Artwork will be returned to you. Contest is not limited to NAMI members, and there is no entry fee.